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7 Wonders of Learning

  • Aspirational - trying hard to achieve your very best. Aiming high and challenging yourself, persevering for your dreams.
  • Collaborative - working together with others or in a team.
  • Focussed - concentrating on the task in hand and persevering despite distractions.
  • Resilient – keeping going and not giving up even when it is hard, or you suffer a setback.
  • Inquisitive - being keen to learn more and asking questions to find out more information.
  • Reflective - reviewing what you have done when it has been completed and thinking about successes and improvements.
  • Problem Solver - thinking of creative ways to solve problems.

Class Dojo is used across the school. Children receive 'dojo points' for showing these learning values within lessons. 

We hold a weekly celebration assembly where 2 children from each class receive a certificate for demonstrating these values.